Online well point drainage

Monitor your drainage pumps, monitoring wells and flow meters

Calculus helps you with measurement solutions, connectivity and dashboards needed to remotely monitor your drainage pumps, monitoring wells and flow meters.

You have visibility of every project in one dashboard from which you easily share project data with clients and governments.

The platform will notify you of any emergencies on site.

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Measuring solution for the smart control box

Why digitize your dewatering pumps, monitorings wells and flow meters?

Previously, customers lacked remote control over their equipment's operation. However, now they can monitor and control their pumps, monitoring wells, and flow meters remotely. This has enabled them to take timely action and avoid unnecessary costs.

Say goodbye to complicated wiring and expensive cables! Our innovative solutions allow you to digitize all of your measurements without the need for expensive cables that are easily damaged by machinery or excavation work.

Our digital monitoring well provides remote access to the depth of the drainage and shows that the groundwater level is minimally stressed. But it doesn't stop there - we also digitize flow meters, giving you a complete view of your equipment's performance. This means you'll be able to easily prove how much water you pumped out and future-proof your operation.

With real-time data and periodic maintenance tools, you'll always be one step ahead of potential issues that could cause costly downtime. So why wait? Streamline your monitoring process today with our cutting-edge solutions and enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is operating at its best.

Smart control box

Together with MPI Pumps and Well Pumps, Calculus has developed this smart control panel.

This control box is connected to the piston pump, the vacuum sensor, the flow meter and the sensor for the monitoring well.

When the installation is switched on, the speed of the pump will be regulated in such a way that the water level in the monitoring well remains constant.

You can consult the data from your phone, iPad or laptop and make adjustments remotely.

Digitize your dewatering pumps

Digitize your monitoring wells and flow meters

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  • location
  • Optional fixed power supply
  • For sensors ratiometric, 0-10V
  • Suitable for counting pulses
  • location
  • Optional fixed power supply
  • For sensors ratiometric, 0-10V and/or 4-20mA
  • Suitable for counting pulses
  • Extra long battery life

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