Manage your machine fleet sustainably with the right measurement solutions, connectivity and dashboards.

Sustainable machine fleet management is becoming increasingly important for rental companies we support. Issues around zero-emission construction, electrification, alternative energy sources and hybrid machines for temporary projects are on the rise. 

By combining our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with machines, more data can be collected to closely monitor machine performance and increase the efficiency of deployed equipment and the operational capacity of technicians. 

Calculus can help rental companies, as well as their customers and clients, enable a faster transition to zero-emission construction. We ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of knowledge and experience.


Boels Rental

 Calculus understands what information needs to come out of our machines.

For Boels Rental, our product knowledge is one of the biggest reasons for a partnership that is already long-term.

As is the fact that we offer a total solution in which hardware, software and their integration come together. 

- Davy De Wilde -

Monitoring for PLC-controlled installations
Optimize the parameters of your installations and maintain total remote control
Generator monitoring

Remote access to location, running hours, and battery charge percentage. You can keep track of fuel consumption at all times, see the efficiency of your generator, and make adjustments when needed. You can also troubleshoot and engage technicians remotely.

Transformer monitoring

In addition to electrical values and energy distribution, we also seamlessly map location, temperature development, ventilation, cooling, movement, and door contacts. We can also detect dust, smoke, water, and moisture to remotely maximize safety.

Battery pack monitoring

You have visibility of your battery's charge percentage at all times. A projection of consumption predicts how long your device can continue running at its current rate.

Chiller heat pump monitoring

Remote insight into location and running hours. You have constant insight into fuel consumption, chiller efficiency, and can adjust as needed. You can also troubleshoot and remotely engage technicians.


Locquet Power & Light

Locquet Power & Light is a rental company for mobile diesel generators and light towers. 24/24 service and high reliability is our strongest asset. To make the transition to sustainable solutions we focus on hydrogen and battery systems. We are evolving from a machine rental company to an energy advisor and need to map out our energy needs.

We have to digitise the existing and new systems for this purpose, so that in time we will be able to offer Energy-as-a-service. We do this with our partner Calculus who, with their umbrella platform, can visualise the data of various systems together. Their flexibility and extra possibilities were the deciding factor in opting for Calculus.

- Vincent Locquet -

Monitoring for non PLC-controlled installations
Optimize uptime and efficiency and switch remotely
Generator monitoring

You choose the advanced solution for smaller generators, generators with a locked PLC, or older generators. This ensures you can know the location of the device, measure vibrations and movements, and switch the device remotely.

Mobile heater monitoring 

The most common intervention in mobile heaters relate to a general malfunction. From now on, you press this reset button from a distance. As a safety precaution, the manual reset of the burner must still be performed manually.

Lighting tower monitoring

Lower the lighting tower automatically when the wind load is too high and avoid liability by recording movement by third parties. You can also measure vibrations, movements, location and running hours. And, of course, you can switch the lights on and off remotely.

Scissor lift and aerial platform monitoring

You supply your customers with a charged unit and expect a charged unit in return. Remotely measure the voltage level and prevent your next customer from receiving a non-charged appliance.

Construction crane 

You rent out construction cranes for a limited period of time. But you also know, the crane is not shut until you come to collect it. You have visibility of running hours, location and you control access to your crane remotely.

Online well point drainage

Easily monitor and control your diesel, electrical, or frequency-controlled dewatering pumps from anywhere with our remote monitoring system. By incorporating data from monitoring wells and flow meters, all project information is displayed neatly in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Ensure the safety of your operations and prevent potential disputes with insurance companies by detecting and addressing issues before they become critical.

Tank monitoring

Remotely manage the reservoir level of your fuel tanks. You can check exactly how long your appliance can run and when to top up the tank. Use the Calculus dashboard to ensure your fuel supplier refuels the tank on time.

Prevent both downtime of installations and the unnecessary dispatch of service technicians.

Smart Solutions
Looking for innovative ways to boost your rental business?
Smart Distribution Box

Map the consumption of different circuits or outlets. Anticipate consumption peaks and drops during the day or optimise energy supply for subsequent projects.

Mobile Measuring Cases

Ideal for monitoring different buildings, rooms that need periodic monitoring or at festivals and events. Via your dashboard, you can control nearby devices via these measurements.

Smart Construction Site Office 

Soon you may electrify construction sites, from then on the nightly consumption of a site office will determine whether the construction site still has enough energy available in the morning.

Trailers, containers, and small equipment

There are lots of basic items you don't need to digitise right away. However, lots of equipment does disappear, which can cost a considerable amount of money. For such items, knowing its location and possibly running hours of operation are sufficient.

Dispatch service and maintenance technicians

All installations have a full maintenance passport in the Calculus platform. Maintenance is data-driven and translated into reports, tickets, and workflow items that are sent directly to maintenance technicians.

Smart vehicle tracking systems alert you to the need for interventions. In an emergency, geofencing makes it possible to call in the nearest technicians.

Energy Management System for Rental Companies

Especially with limited grid power, managing energy sources for asset charging can be challenging.

Our energy management system enables remote monitoring and optimisation of asset charging by orchestrating the use of different energy sources, including grid power, solar power, battery packs and emergency generators. This helps rental companies maximise asset uptime and minimise downtime. 

Make the most of your rental assets with our advanced energy management system. Get in touch to learn more.

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