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The team at Calculus consists of enthusiastic colleagues with an open mind, a passion for tech and with the constant hunger to learn. In terms of engineering, hardware and software combine to turn technological challenges into solutions. As a team, we want to make a modest contribution to making this world a better place.

Inclusiveness, but for real. It's all about people and everyone counts.

We are constantly looking for ambitious talents. So, if you share these values, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Our mission at Calculus is to break down the barriers of data collection, interpretation, and utilization, providing seamless access to critical information for businesses in the sectors of delivery, installation, production, rental, and maintenance of installations and machinery. We aim to effectively elevate standards for monitoring systems of installations and machines, improve quality norms, and thereby contribute to a reliable and accelerated digital transition in energy, water, and climate management. Through these efforts, we aspire to support businesses and make a significant contribution to contemporary goals of innovation, digitalization, and sustainability.


At Calculus, we aspire to take a leading role in facilitating seamless and intelligent data interaction in the diverse sectors of installation and machine management. Our vision is based on creating an ecosystem where businesses, regardless of size, have access to optimized monitoring solutions. We aim to set a standard in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of installations and machines through advanced technologies. Additionally, we strive to be a driving force behind the digital transformation in energy, water, and climate management, contributing to a sustainable future. Our vision is anchored in providing value to businesses, promoting innovation, and fostering a collective commitment to a more sustainable and advanced society. 

Meet the investors behind Calculus

The idea for starting a company in the 'IoT' (Internet of Things) was born in the summer of 2016, behind the scenes of the Tomorrowland festival. The organization at the time shared its vision of a desirable digital transition of the technical suppliers and that particular summer put together 5 people with diverse backgrounds for a test project around smart water and energy networks.

Today, we give companies remote control over complex installations and ensure that they can keep service appointments without additional people on site. We do this by merging data from machines universally in one software platform, giving control over all ongoing projects and making optimizations transparent.

A number of serial entrepreneurs are backing Calculus' growth story.

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Calculus focuses on strong partnerships for all kinds of possible applications. From start-ups and scale-ups in the IoT to system partners, machine builders, companies in industrial automation, installation and service companies to knowledge institutions and governments.

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