We help facility and event managers with measurement solutions, connectivity and dashboards to monitor and remotely control buildings.

The facility managers we help used to work with a traditional passive building management system.

They told us that their main frustration was that they had no visibility into the current status of their systems. They only knew the state of their systems by logging into a computer on site or when a customer called to report a problem.

Logging into such systems was a real nightmare. Only skilled technicians could correctly interpret that data. Making data understandable to managers, maintenance technicians or others through specific dashboards was not possible.

Lost efficiency in maintenance and in managing maintenance technicians was a constant frustration. Never mind that it was credible to approach customers with new proactive services or business models

Connect Panel, HVAC, KNX and Dali
The future for smart buildings

Energy monitoring

By monitoring your solar panels, battery systems, charge points, and any other applicable technology, you can effectively manage fluctuations in battery system usage and determine the optimal time to recharge your systems. This approach allows for timely handling of peaks and dips in energy usage.

Efficient climate control

By utilizing Calculus, you can oversee all of your HVAC installations through a single centralized dashboard, which enables you to manage all systems and toggle them on and off independently. This approach allows for a potential reduction in energy consumption of up to 15% and an extension of the service life of your installations by up to 20%.

Smart building automation

Connecting to the network enables us to link up with the Dali and KNX System, which is a commonly used communication protocol for smart building automation. By leveraging KNX, we can retrieve essential data and remotely control the connected devices using various techniques such as programming logic, scenes, and scheduling.

HVAC management

Visitors and residents can choose to make slight changes to the temperature through the use of QR codes or our mobile application, eliminating the need for traditional thermostats to regulate temperature. This approach reduces the amount of cabling required per building by up to 2 km.


Collect data for intelligent AI analysis

Optimize your HVAC system with dynamic control based on predictions of occupant and visitor behavior, indoor climate and weather conditions. 
Minimize energy waste and maximize your comfort.

Management based on behavioral data

The behavioural data of residents and visitors is collected anonymously.

Management based on weather forecasts Ambient climate​

Collect data from your own weather station and sources such as open weather data.


Beneens, bouw en interieur​

A fixed price for the construction of a building is what is normal in the market today. A fixed price for the building, maintenance and energy is currently a game changer in real estate.

- Joeri Beneens -  


Enrich your Smart Buildings with sensor data

Occupation and people counting

Occupancy sensors provide data on the number of people in a space or behind a desk. With accurate and reliable measurements, our sensors help building managers optimize facility usage, reduce energy costs, and improve occupant comfort.

Water Level measurement

Monitoring water consumption makes it possible to quickly detect leaks. Reduce water consumption by maximising grey water recovery and collecting rainwater in buffer tanks

Water and gas monitoring

The sensors we use provide a wealth of valuable data on water and gas usage. This data can help you identify areas of inefficiency, reduce waste, and save money on utility costs.

CO2 monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment with low CO2 levels. It's important to note that soon it will be mandatory to measure CO2 levels in visitor areas as well.

Easy Solutions for Smart Buildings
Looking for innovative ways to get your smart building up and running quickly?
Mobile measuring cases

Ideal for monitoring different buildings, rooms that need periodic monitoring or at festivals and events. Through your dashboard, you can control nearby devices through these measurements.

Smart Network Box

With the Smart Network Box, you can easily turn your building into a smart building. The Box uses a private LoRa network that allows you to connect to all the LoRa sensors in our range, as well as wired sensors and energy meters.

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