Construction crane monitoring

Construction crane monitoring

With Asset Monitoring & Asset Tracking you have the necessary measuring solutions, connectivity and dashboards to monitor and manage your cranes remotely.

Crane monitoring system

Get a good view on your crane usage and optimise your rental income.

Why digitise your construction cranes?

You rent cranes for a fixed daily rate. You agree a collection time with your customer. For planning reasons, there is often time between the last day of use and the time of collection.

Your customer cleverly takes advantage of these pick-up times and thus saves a few days' rent. Both you and your customer know that the crane will only be folded up when you come to collect it. The customer gains a number of days' rent, but you as a rental company lose a number of days' rent.

All that can be a thing of the past. By digitising your crane, you can see its operating hours and location. This allows you to enter into a dialogue with your customer to at least make the lost rental income negotiable. If you wish, you can control access to your crane remotely.

Questions about Monitoring Construction Cranes?

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