Calculus develops platform to monitor temperature of Einstein telescope

POM Limburg project delivers new technology

Calculus develops platform to monitor temperature of Einstein telescope

Under the impetus of POM Limburg Calculus is developing a cloud platform to monitor the temperature in the underground pipes of the​ Einsteintelescoop very accurately. The temperature measurement itself is done by the Dutch company Innovation Handling, and it is based on sound waves. This is groundbreaking new technology. 

What is the Einstein telescope?

The Einstein Telescope is a state-of-the-art research center on the origins of the universe, black holes and stars. The triangular telescope, with sides 10 kilometers long, will be built some 300 meters underground. In 2024, Europe will decide which of the two candidate regions, the Italian island of Sardinia or the Meuse-Rhine region, will get to build the observatory. The arrival of the telescope would bring two billion in investments and 1,500 jobs to the region around the border triangle.

The telescope is used to study gravitational waves. These are caused by minimal deformations of the Earth. To detect the waves, lasers are fired through vacuum tubes at mirrors in the observatory's tunnels that span several kilometers. This is particularly sensitive technology, where environmental factors such as temperature are crucial. Any small deviation can have a major impact on the accuracy of the measurements. So the temperature inside the tubes must be constantly monitored.

"Already, the Einstein telescope is generating innovation and exciting collaborations that are boosting Limburg as a high-tech knowledge region." - Tom Vandeput, deputy for Economy and president of POM Limburg

POM Limburg has been focusing for some time on the link between the Einstein telescope and companies. For example, POM guides companies and specifically encourages them to participate in tenders.

In what ways is Calculus involved in the Einstein Telescope?

Calculus specializes in measuring and analyzing data concerning energy consumption, wind, temperature and water discharge. In the telescope's underground tubes, environmental factors such as temperature are critical. We developed a new cloud platform to monitor temperature very accurately. The temperature measurement itself, based on sound waves, is done by the Dutch company Innovation Handling. POM Limburg put us in touch and supported us to get the development on track

"Networking is essential to achieve innovation and gain commercial advantage through it."  - Rob van Dun, CEO Calculus

Thanks to the partnership with Innovation Handling we can also tap into new market segments. After all, in food or pharmaceuticals you also have critical processes where better data and dashboards enable even better remote monitoring and control of machines. Moreover, we can integrate this development into IoT building management with which, among other things, you can remotely monitor, manage, improve energy and water consumption, air quality, CO2 emissions in buildings and thus make them climate proof.

Do you have questions about what IoT building management can do for you or would you like to know more about this project? Then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Calculus - Eywa bv, Jef Martens December 13, 2022
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