Transport and Logistics: insight, control and optimisation for your entire fleet

Your trucks are equipped with the necessary telematics, but you have no insight into the current position, running hours or condition of everything that is behind the tractor. Trailers are not equipped with a battery, so you lose sight of them as soon as they are disconnected.

Your fleet does not only consist of trailers. We also make your refrigerated vehicles, tankers, containers, etc. transparent for you in our accessible and user-friendly platform.

With Calculus you can digitalise your entire fleet. We also connect to your classic telematics so that you can also have insight into that data in one and the same platform. You can easily share data and insights with third parties.

Location, running hours, occupancy and tyre pressure

Thanks to our battery-powered GPS tracker, you monitor the location of your trailer. You receive a notification as soon as a parked trailer is moved by third parties. Thanks to the same tracker, you measure the running hours of your trailer, allowing you to manage your maintenance teams more efficiently. In addition, you monitor the tyre pressure to optimise fuel consumption.​

Covered wagons, box trailers and refrigerated trailers
Movement and climate conditions

You can expand our solution for trailers with Bluetooth sensors. With these we monitor things like temperature, air humidity, door openings and movement. In this way you guarantee your customer the optimum conditions.

Tankers and fuel trucks
Liquid levels and temperatures.

In addition to location, running hours and tyre pressure, we also measure the liquid level and temperature. We read PLC-controlled refrigerated transports and control them remotely. From simple switching on or off, a remote reset to customised control.

GPS location and (illegal) door openings

Containers travel to the other side of the world and back. We determine the GPS location worldwide by means of a specific GPS tracker. In addition, we monitor (illegal) doorways. This way, you guarantee your customer the location in case of theft and you are aware of any unauthorised use.

Waste containers
Monitor the degree of filling and the route taken

Let your end customer know that their waste has arrived at the waste disposal site without detours or stops. Do you want to measure how full certain types of waste containers are? We can make that transparent for you too.

Vehicle tracking systems
Manage and track all your vehicles and small equipment

Our vehicle tracking system allows you to monitor all transport movements, breaks, routes taken, etc. On the basis of all the other mechanical data, you also determine the necessary maintenance moments. Thanks to our handy Bluetooth tags, you can monitor all your small equipment. This way, you know at all times who is carrying which materials.

Management by exception:
Only deal with matters that require attention.

Thanks to geofencing, you know whether your vehicles are still in the desired zone, area or country. If not, you will receive a notification. You can also use geofencing to inform (maintenance) personnel entering a zone about open tasks.

Stockage & warehousing

Calculus can also help you with the digital monitoring of stored goods. Our measuring solutions are equally capable of directly monitoring goods and of closely monitoring the storage environment.

The Calculus platform is low-threshold, user-friendly and increases your profitability. Are you ready for your next step in digitalisation? Please contact us via

Transport and Logistics: insight, control and optimisation for your entire fleet
Calculus - Eywa bv, Pieter Quinart April 27, 2021
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