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Industrial cooling

For food safety reasons, data should be recorded every 15 minutes. It was often quite a job to delve back in time to quickly retrieve correct and complete data.

Insufficient insight into the current conditions of your cooling systems in the field? We can probably help here. You can remotely monitor the parameters of each PLC. You supplement this data with data from different sensors, such as leaks, door openings, oxygen, and CO2 values, etc.

Moreover, these installations must be inspected and checked regularly, which is quite a complex and time-consuming administrative task. But just imagine… one central platform that maintains the data from these installations, their documents, measurements, etc. This saves you a lot of worries and inconvenience.

Water on industrial roofs

New roofs are equipped with spouts that drain off stagnant water. Older roofs often do not have such spouts, which means that water often remains. Fouling is often a problem for especially older roofs with no direct view of the roof, remote buildings, buildings at the edge of a forest, etc. Removing this fouling is normally part of the maintenance plan but is often 'forgotten'. After all, periodically having to crawl up onto a roof to clean it is no fun at all.

At best, stagnant water is only noticed due to a leak or similar unpleasantness. In the worst case, all or part of the roof will collapse under the weight of water. A roof that collapses is one thing, but what is clearly much more important are the goods, production, and people under it.


Which is why Calculus is currently developing a roof sensor. It will signal when there is standing water on the roof or in the drain. It will ensure you are informed in time and can intervene before any damage occurs.

Production companies

Many production companies have already taken steps to digitise their production processes. Such digitalisation increases the efficiency of the production process and the company's profitability.

However, these production processes are not usually remotely accessible. The party responsible for maintenance often only knows when it is too late that an intervention is needed. And technicians are getting scarcer by the day. So, we expect the demand for remote monitoring of such production processes to increase.

The best compliment we have received so far came from a production company that pointed out a pattern they discovered in our OEE dashboards indicating stoppages. After eliminating these extra periods, the return on investment increased so quickly that the investment in Calculus was earned back faster than initially planned.

Maintenance on high-voltage pylons

Cables attached between high-voltage pylons transport huge amounts of electrical energy. Maintenance on these pylons is crucial to ensure the supply of energy is not interrupted.

These pylons may only be painted under certain conditions. Calculus can help with that. A smart sensor measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, and the temperature of the steel of the pylon. We also measure the dew point for each pylon.

Do all parameters meet the requirements? Only then can the high-voltage pylon be painted.

Tracking glass pane racks and other construction equipment

Capital goods, such as glass pane racks and other construction equipment, benefit from a good tracking system. One that is in keeping with the investment for the equipment being tracked without compromising customer expectations.

Which is why we use a small tracker that monitors location, tilt angle, and movement. This ensures you can link any damage to the glass or glass rack to the customer's use and effortlessly map out movement and displacement.

There are different technologies on the market for determining the location of the glass rack. However, you should opt for GPS location. Otherwise, you cannot prepare your pick-up routes properly and the 'tracked' location can be dramatically off.

Want to interface your tracking system with your planning software? We can help with that too.


In collaboration with our partner MPI pumps, we help well dewatering companies to digitise their mobile installations. This applies to piston pumps, flow meters, and the monitoring wells.

The shutting down or vacuuming of the pump often leads to water damage at the site as well as to the piston pump. From now on, as a dewatering company, contractor, or builder, you no longer need to lose any sleep over this. In any case, the Calculus platform informs you and your technicians in a timely manner.

Besides pumps, we also digitise flow meters. What if the pump is running at a high speed and the flow meter indicates that no water is being pumped out? Then something is awry and we will inform you about it in good time.

With the digital monitoring well, you can remotely check the depth of the drainage and demonstrate that the groundwater level is minimally affected.

Locate all of your trailers

Many transport companies are equipped with all kinds of systems. Trailers are digitised as standard and refrigerated trailers are also well equipped.

Customers in the logistics industry used to say they did not have a good overview of where their trailers were located. Trailers disappeared from view because they were not equipped with a tracking system. And for mixed cargo on the trailer, it was also essential that the items could be located independent of the trailer's location. This is necessary to ensure that theft is detected in good time and that the real-time location of each trailer is known at all times, wherever it may be.

The use of trackers on the Sigfox network also often caused a lot of problems. According to the monitor screen, the trailer was in Zeebrugge when in reality it had just entered the company premises. Even abroad, coverage was often insufficient. So, it is high time for a new reliable technology.

All these different systems presented quite a challenge. Which created a need for a single centralised platform for monitoring already digitised vehicles. This foundation can also be used to add additional technology. The Calculus platform was specially developed to interconnect these kinds of diverse data flows and to make them transparent.

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