Knowledge is power and power is profit, for you too!

Brief introduction


Calculus makes business processes transparent and controllable. As a result, they can easily be optimised, which will result in profits, both in terms of time and financially.


Think of ‘business processes’ in terms of energy consumption and management, maintenance and management of equipment and machinery, climate control in factories and office buildings, smart personnel management, etc. The application possibilities are endless.

How does the Calculus system work?

Data from processes are collected using smart (measuring) equipment and identified via the Cloud. The very user-friendly Calculus dashboard gives the user insight into the current situation. This makes it possible to make an immediate diagnosis and, if necessary, adjust processes via the dashboard.


All information can be shared with third parties, for example with a maintenance engineer who can take immediate action. Process control and optimisation can be done from anywhere in the world. Deployment of the Calculus system will have an immediate positive influence on business processes, in any case.



Implementation of the Calculus system takes place in close consultation with the client. These meetings are used to map out the processes that need to be monitored and where the priorities lie. Depending on the nature of the process to be controlled, Calculus works with specialists during the installation.


In any case, the ultimate goal is to map out a process, get it under control, and optimise it. Output and efficiency are the key words here and they always yield profits. For you, too.


  • Clear visualisation

  • Tailor-made insights

  • Universal system

  • Easily expandable 

  • Real-time follow-up



  • Valuable insights

  • Immediate notifications

  • Automatic reports

  • Operational task monitoring

  • Benchmarking processes


  • Proactive follow-up and service

  • Share (selective) information with third parties

  • Better insights, better decisions

  • Management from one central system

  • Remote control via app or computer

Connection is the basis of everything


All the business elements that provide data – from machinery to energy consumption and from time loss to manpower – are linked together in the Calculus dashboard. They are presented to you in a clear analysis here. In real time, clear, and accurate. In this way, it becomes clear at a single glance how a point for improvement somewhere in the business process will have a positive impact on other seemingly separate business activities.


That way, the data will work for you instead of you having to work for that data. Data that’s presented in clear reports. Monitoring, management, and adjustments are fast and take immediate effect.

The reason why


What’s the result of all the identified actions? Smooth running machinery without unnecessary service maintenance. Optimised energy consumption, without leaking capital. An accurately operating organisation in which employees are employed meaningfully. Faster business processes by fine-tuning all components. Sharing (selective) data with third parties such as colleagues, external advisors, or customers.


And finally, of course, you do it because it gives you security and, thus, peace of mind.

Accuracy and profit start with connection

All business elements are connected
Clear insights and tailor-made conclusions
Internet management from any location
Staff and workflow optimisation
Real-time and proactive process monitoring
Scalable and adaptable to your needs

One central platform offers many facilities

Calculus offers an extremely flexible and versatile system that is literally at home in all markets. In addition, all functions, data streams, reports, etc. can be fully customised via the dashboard or the app. Of course, everything is easy to operate, not only functionally but also thanks to the clear design.


You are fully in control from the outset, so you can immediately reap the benefits of optimised business operations.



Calculus measures everything, anytime, anywhere. This means that our data-driven solutions can be used almost anywhere, such as:

Deployable in many sectors, including yours!


  • Industry

  • Rental and mechanical engineering

  • Energy supply and infrastructure

  • Office environments

  • Agriculture and horticulture

  • Construction and building

  • Logistics

  • Events and festivals

  • Etc.


  • HR management

  • Production processes

  • (Preventive) machine maintenance

  • Energy consumption and use

  • Failure and leak detection

  • Climate control

  • Incident or event reporting

  • Geographical displacement monitoring

  • Etc.


Let’s get acquainted or you can request a free quote!

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BTW BE 0670.61.21.71 

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T +32 (0)89 69 69 80


Kempenseweg 12

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BTW BE 0670.61.21.71 

IBAN BE33 7310 4316 2446


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