Track, monitor and operate your assets remotely.

Smart Assets

Mobile/fixed equipment and vehicles




Fluid and fuel monitoring

Vehicle tracking system

Smart Buildings

Commercial buildings, social housing and holiday parks

Gas and fuel



Indoor climate

Ambient climate

The Calculus platform offers tools for complete control in the most diverse areas. Like Smart Assets, GPS Tracking for monitoring and securing vehicles and mobile or fixed equipment. Or Smart Buildings, for controlling and optimising, among other things, energy and water consumption, and the indoor and outdoor climate.


Remotely following, monitoring and operating all these things results in profit, both in terms of time and money. Plus: the system leads to a more accurate deployment of (maintenance) staff. 


The Calculus platform has been developed for use in a wide variety of fields. The plug-and-play system is very easy to operate – wherever you are – and you can share insights with third parties in real time.


Climate control

Online connections

Smart Assets

Mobile/fixed equipment and vehicles

Smart Buildings

Commercial buildings, social housing, and holiday parks



Track your mobile equipment & measure running hours.


Comprehensive monitoring and control.

Primary control options.


Monitor, control, and operate as if you were on site.

Fluid and fuel monitoring

Measure fuel and water levels.

Measure energy and water consumption.

Vehicle tracking system

Manage and track all your vehicles.

Real time and data history.

Gas and fuel

Consumption and leakage.


Consumption and leakage.


Consumption and leakage.

Indoor climate

Heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Smoke alarm.

Air quality.

Ambient climate

Air quality

Weather conditions


Communicate with your existing platforms.


The versatile Calculus platform

All advantages at a glance

Numerous processes under absolute control. Finally!

The Calculus system proves that advanced digital techniques can also be very user-friendly, regardless of the application(s) you choose. Data and alarms are clear and make monitoring or intervention (by third parties) easy – including remotely. Calculus not only offers time and money savings but also reassuring security.


Staff and workflow optimisation


Real-time and proactive process monitoring

Scalable and adaptable to your needs


All business elements are connected


Clear insights and tailor-made conclusions


Internet management from any location



Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is power. Every improvement starts with the collection of data. Analysis of this data provides you with the necessary insights to start your improvement process.

Calculus collects data in various ways. We link up with various sensors, hardware developed in-house, and other data sources. These could be your own data files, publicly available data, and links to various platforms.

With the Calculus platform, we not only give you insights into all relevant data; we also help you put this knowledge to good use.

Do you have specific wishes or needs? We will work with you to find a solution to fit.

Give your assets a voice

The Calculus system at a glance


  • Clear visualisation

  • Tailor-made insights

  • Universal system

  • Easily expanded

  • Real-time control


  • Valuable insights

  • Immediate notifications

  • Automatic reporting

  • Operational action

  • Benchmarking processes


  • Proactive action and service

  • (Selectively) share information with third parties

  • Better insights and decisions

  • Management from one central system

  • Remote control via app or computer

About Calculus

Calculus is specialised in innovative, digital solutions for the most diverse problems. Here, agility and energy are combined with extensive experience and pragmatic insight.


Where others see problems, Calculus sees solutions. Because nothing is impossible, especially in this digital age.


Calculus field tool

Download the Calculus field tool​.