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Rental Companies

We provide rental companies with the right measuring solution, connectivity, and dashboards to monitor and remotely control any type of equipment.

IoT Building Management

We help HVAC installation companies, engineering firms, and property managers utilize measuring solutions, connectivity, and dashboards to monitor and remotely control buildings.

Become a partner

Take your services to a higher level without having to invest in an IT department. Calculus provides you with the tools you need.

Smart Asset tracking on remote

The Calculus platform offers tools for complete control in the most diverse areas. Like Smart Assets, asset tracking via a GPS Tracker for monitoring and securing vehicles and mobile or fixed equipment. Or Smart Buildings, for controlling and optimizing, among other things, energy and water consumption, the indoor and outdoor climate and CO2 monitoring via Private LoRa.
Remotely following, monitoring and operating all these things results in profit, both in terms of time and money. Plus: the system leads to a more accurate deployment of (maintenance) staff. 


The Calculus platform has been developed for use in a wide variety of fields. The plug-and-play system is very easy to operate – wherever you are – and you can share insights with third parties in real time.

Smart Assets
Mobile/fixed equipment and vehicles

Smart Assets Essentias


Track your mobile equipment & measure running hours.

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Smart Assets Advanced


Comprehensive monitoring and control.

Primary control options.

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Smart Assets Premium


Monitor, control, and operate as if you were on site.

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Smart Assets Fluid and fuel monitoring

Fluid and fuel monitoring

Measure fuel and water levels.

Measure energy and water consumption.

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Smart Assets Vehicle GPS trackers

Vehicle GPS trackers

Manage and track all your vehicles.

Real time and data history.

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Smart Buildings
Commercial buildings, social housing, and holiday parks


Utilities Gas and fuel

Gas and fuel

Consumption and leakage.

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Utilities Water


Consumption and leakage.

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Utilities Electricity


Consumption and leakage.

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Climate control

Climate control Indoor climate

Indoor climate

Heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Smoke alarm.

Air quality and CO2 monitoring

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Climate control Ambient climate

Ambient climate

Air quality

Weather conditions

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Online connections

Online connections


Communicate with your existing platforms.

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Calculus dashboard
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All advantages at a glance

Calculus Platform Staff and workflow optimization

Staff and workflow optimisation

Calculus Platform Real time and proactive process monitoring

Real-time and proactive process monitoring

Calculus Platform Scalable and adaptable to your needs

Scalable and adaptable to your needs

Calculus Platform All business elements are connected

All business elements are connected

Calculus Platform Clear insights and tailormade conclusions

Clear insights and tailor-made conclusions

Calculus Platform Internet management from any location

Internet management from any location


Calculus Innovatiecentrum
The Calculus system at a glance