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  • Measure water and energy consumption

  • Water leak detection

  • Check outdoor temperature

  • Measure wind speed

  • CO2 monitoring

  • Energy monitoring

  • Gas monitoring

  • Water monitoring 

  • Control heating

  • Workplace available

  • Number of visitors measured

  • Maintenance team on site

  • Integration with booking system


Energy, leakage and climate: our smart building solutions increase the efficiency of your buildings.

Thanks to insight into the current consumption of energy and water, you can immediately measure the effect of interventions on standby consumption and are able to detect leaks. Combine this with an excellent indoor climate and you optimize both the safety and concentration of your employees.
With the Calculus platform you can link existing building management systems, climate control installations, booking and reservation systems plus numerous other data-generating systems. In this way, you make all information transparent on one platform. Information that you share with users, visitors and customers.
You manage your smart buildings from the platform. For example, you can control heating, cooling and air quality depending on schedules or reservations. You can also manage and supervise your maintenance team from the Calculus platform.

+ Gas and fuel


Check and optimise all utilities, and detect leaks

Gas and fuel

Consumption and leakage

Gas monitoring and fuel monitoring not only provides insight into consumption and efficiency. It also signals a (possible) leakage and the location of the problem. Risks are thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

Calculus gas and fuel


Consumption and leakage

Good drinking water is becoming less and less a matter of course, while sewers are heavily loaded due to waterlogging. This is the reason for the increasing use of separate water flows: drinking water and the use of locally filtered water for sanitation and irrigation. The Calculus water monitoring system allows you to keep track of all water flows in terms of consumption, supply, and leakages.

Calculus water


Consumption and leakage

Both from the grid and self-generated: electricity = money, especially for large consumers. Energy monitoring and correcting consumption immediately reduces costs. Leak detection
also increases the safety of people and machines.

Calculus electricity
+ Water
+ Electricity

Climate control

Control each component of both indoor and outdoor climate

Indoor climate

Heating, cooling, and ventilation

Smoke alarm

Air quality and CO2 monitoring

Monitor and correct all facets of the indoor climate: heating, cooling, and ventilation. In addition, sensors allow you to control the air quality in each room and detect smoke development at an early stage.

Calculus indoor climate

Ambient climate

Air quality

Weather conditions

You can keep an eye on possible emissions of gases and/or harmful substances by means of immediate alarms for those in the vicinity. This is an absolute must with increasingly stringent environmental requirements. In addition, wherever you are, you will be aware of the weather conditions on site so that you can anticipate possible adjustments to the indoor climate.

Calculus ambient climate
Climate control
+ Indoor climate
+ Ambient climate


Connection to climate control systems

Link with booking and reservation systems

IT-controlled climate control: by linking to the Calculus system, you have intelligent control of heating, cooling, and air quality.

Organise, control, and manage your booking and reservation systems in no time, even if you are not on site.

Cegeka Johan Cruijff arena

Calculus field tool

Download the Calculus field tool​.

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