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  • End-to-end control

  • Asset stolen

  • Number of running hours ok

  • Periodic maintenance planned

  • Battery level too low

  • Tank monitoring: Fluid tank empty/full

  • Temperature under control

  • Location determined

  • Asset moved by third party

  • Asset tracking

  • Asset monitoring

  • Route optimised

  • GPS Trackers

  • Asset subject to wind load


Insight, Control, and Optimisation are the key words here. Calculus offers you the solution for the digital control of your vehicles and fixed or mobile equipment in a sound and very reliable manner.
From small to large installations: we have a package for every type of device you want to monitor and control. From mere location and running hours to full remote monitoring and control. Depending on your requirements and equipment, you can combine various smart asset packages to have optimum control over everything.
You have all data of your smart assets available in real time in one and the same platform. This allows you to plan maintenance in good time and reduce repairs and downtime to an absolute minimum.

Optimise availability and efficiency and plan maintenance in good time with Smart Assets.

+ Essentials
Smart assets - essentials

Track your mobile equipment & measure running hours

Asset tracking and monitoring of operating hours is sufficient for much of the equipment.


GPS positioning optimises the logistics process. If your installation moves outside the expected route or location, you will receive a message (location restriction). You can plan periodic maintenance accurately based on deployment and avoid unnecessary maintenance. You can arrange this both manually and automatically via the Calculus platform.


Depending on your requirements, you can choose a fixed power supply or a battery solution. Discover the different possibilities in our shop.

Calculus smart assets - essentials GPS monitoring installation
+ Advanced
Smart assets - advanced

Comprehensive asset monitoring and control
Primary control options

In addition to the Essentials functions, this package with fixed power supply offers the possibility of full remote control of equipment. This ranges from switching them on and off to many more complex operations.


Choose this solution if you want to detect even the smallest movements or vibrations, or if you want to check whether your device is still level. You can also measure the battery level to see how much longer your device can operate.


Do things like wind loads or unauthorised movement pose a risk? The Calculus platform keeps a finger on the pulse and thus guarantees safety for both the device and the environment. A reassuring thought and certainly a plus where insurance is concerned. Discover the possibilities in our shop!

Calculus smart assets - power supply installation
+ Premium
Smart assets - premium

Monitor, control, and operate as if you were on site

Calculus has developed both the software and hardware for the Premium package itself. We received an innovation subsidy from the Flemish government for this.


We connect via 4G (in the future 5G) or an Ethernet connection. This way, we can read out all the data from any location, regardless of which systems you use. Our powerful mainframe processes all the data and makes it transparent for you.


Are your vehicles or equipment often on the move? Our gateway stores all the data, even if a 4G connection is not possible. You will receive all the data as soon as the connection is restored.

If circumstances require, we will equip your installation with a local Private LoRa network. Numerous sensors can be connected to this network. Our gateway then also sends this data to the Calculus platform.


Our gateway supports all common industrial protocols and connects to both analogue and digital sensors. You can visualise alarms and other data in your own corporate style based on real-time linking.


Discover the Premium smartassets package possibilities in our shop!

Calculus smart assets - installation process
+ Fluid and fuel monitoring
Smart assets - Fluid and fuel monitoring

Fluid and fuel monitoring
Measure fuel and water levels
Measure energy and water consumption

A lot of equipment will have tanks with fuel, water, or other liquids. With tank monitoring, you are always aware of the current liquid levels.


The advantages are threefold: the levels give an indication of the remaining running hours. You can give your suppliers timely orders to fill up via the Calculus platform. Of course, the exact amount of fluid is measured.


You can also inform your customer of the fluid levels, consumption, and the time and amount of refilling via the platform.

Calculus Smart assets - fluid and fuel monitoring
+ Vehicle GPS trackers
Smart assets - Vehicle GPS trackers

Vehicle GPS trackers
Manage and track all your vehicles
Real time and data history

You can use our vehicle tracking system to monitor all transport movements, breaks, routes taken, etc. You can also determine the required maintenance intervals based on all other mechanical data.


Calculus offers you a complete range of tracking systems, both for under the dashboard and autonomously from the vehicle and battery-powered.


The clear combination of all data concerning equipment, buildings, energy management, and networks in one platform makes the Calculus platform extremely user-friendly.


Thanks to geofencing, you know if your vehicles are still in the desired zone, region, or country. If not, you will receive a notification. You can also use geofencing to inform (maintenance) staff about open tasks when entering a zone.

auto gps trackers, motor gps trackers, moto gps trackers

Calculus field tool

Download the Calculus field tool​.

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