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Asset monitoring


Rental companies

The right measuring solutions, connectivity, and dashboards for monitoring assets and remotely control any type of equipment.

The biggest irritation of rental companies that we have helped was that in the past their schedules were completely messed up. They had no insight into the status of their installations in the field. They had no idea if they could move on to the next project, if they needed maintenance or if they were struggling with a dead battery.
Unnecessary interventions by costly service technicians were both a frustration for our customers and for their clients. There was nothing more annoying than sending in a technician for a simple reset or for a generator that had run dry.
Think of all that paperwork our customers struggled with. From checking and retyping running hours and meter readings to the annoyance of all sorts of different platforms of devices that were often only partially digitized. The overview was lost, platforms were barely used and the cost of all those things became painfully obvious every month.


Does this sound familiar to you?

PLC-controlled installations

Optimise the parameters of your installations and maintain total remote control.

generator powershop

(twin) Generators

Remote access to location, running hours, and battery charge percentage.  You can keep track of fuel consumption at all times, see the efficiency of your generator, and make adjustments when needed. You can also troubleshoot and engage technicians remotely.



In addition to electrical values and energy distribution, we also seamlessly map location, temperature development, ventilation, cooling, movement, and door contacts. We can also detect dust, smoke, water, and moisture to remotely maximise safety.


Battery packs

You can see the charge percentage of your battery at all times. A consumption projection predicts how long your device can continue to run at its current rate. Smart algorithms ensure that the battery is charged in time. For example, this can be done by using the generator of a nearby light tower.


Chillers and heat pumps

Remote insight into location and running hours. You have constant insight into fuel consumption, chiller efficiency, and can adjust as needed. You can also troubleshoot and remotely engage technicians.


Locquet Power & Light

Locquet Power & Light is a rental company for mobile diesel generators and light towers. 24/24 service and high reliability is our strongest asset. To make the transition to sustainable solutions we focus on hydrogen and battery systems. We are evolving from a machine rental company to an energy advisor and need to map out our energy needs.

We have to digitise the existing and new systems for this purpose, so that in time we will be able to offer Energy-as-a-service. We do this with our partner Calculus who, with their umbrella platform, can visualise the data of various systems together. Their flexibility and extra possibilities were the deciding factor in opting for them.

- Vincent Locquet -


Non-PLC-controlled installations

Optimise availability and efficiency and remotely schedule tasks.

Kleine generatoren.jpeg

Small generators

You choose the advanced solution for smaller generators, generators with a locked PLC, or older generators. This ensures you can know the location of the device, measure vibrations and movements, and switch the device remotely.


Mobile heaters

The most common intervention for mobile heaters is a general breakdown, for instance, due to the loss of power or fuel. With the advanced solution, you simply remotely 'press' the reset button. For safety reasons, the manual reset of a heater requires human intervention.


Lighting towers

Lower the lighting tower automatically when the wind load is too high and avoid liability by recording movement by third parties. You can also measure vibrations, movements, location and running hours. And, of course, you can switch the lights on and off remotely.


Scissor lifts

You provide your customers with a fully charged device and that it will be returned fully charged. Is it fully charged? Good! You can't know for sure? Then by remotely measuring the voltage level, you can ensure your next customer does not leave with an uncharged device.


Construction cranes

You rent construction cranes for a limited period of time. But you also only know that the crane is only retracted when you arrive to collect it. So, it's convenient that you can check the running hours of operation and location, and, if desired, control access to your construction crane.

Storage tanks

Prevent both downtime of installations and the unnecessary dispatch of service technicians.


Fluid and fuel monitoring

Mobile fuel tanks

Remotely manage the reservoir level of your fuel tanks. You can check exactly how long your appliance can run and when to top up the tank. Use the Calculus dashboard to ensure your fuel supplier refuels the tank on time.

Smart solutions​


From distribution box to smart energy network

Your digitised generator informs you of how much power flows through your distribution box. We use this to map the consumption of different circuits or outputs. This allows you to anticipate consumption peaks and dips during the day or to optimise the power supply for future projects.

Mobiele meetkoffer met 10 sensoren CO2.png

Mobile measuring case

A mobile installation gives you the freedom to monitor a location temporarily. Ideal for monitoring different buildings, rooms that need to be monitored periodically or at festivals and events.



When location, running hours and tilt detection is enough.


Trailers, containers, and small equipment

There are lots of basic items you don't need to digitise right away. However, lots of equipment does disappear, which can cost a considerable amount of money. For such items, knowing its location and possibly running hours of operation are sufficient.

Maintenance technicians

Engaged and monitored by the Calculus platform.


Vehicle tracking systems

Dispatch service and maintenance technicians

All installations have a full maintenance passport in the Calculus platform. Maintenance is data-driven and translated into reports, tickets, and workflow items that are sent directly to maintenance technicians.


Smart vehicle tracking systems alert you to the need for interventions. In an emergency, geofencing makes it possible to call in the nearest technicians.

Interface with your existing systems


Keep what you have and build on it.

Digital Signage and HMI screens


Visualisation and communication during events or in the workplace.

Twee computerschermen

Digital Signage and HMI Screens


Displays and touch screens allow you to monitor the status of your devices during events or on the shop floor. You have an overview and know what equipment is coming in for maintenance.

Industrial buildings, warehouses, and branches


Engaged and monitored by the Calculus platform

Woman with Tablet_edited.jpg

Industrial buildings, warehouses, and branches

Monitoring and benchmarking

In addition to your mobile assets, you can also proactively monitor and benchmark all of your different branches against each other. Take a look at our page on IoT building management.

Calculus field tool

Download the Calculus field tool​.

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