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IOT Building management for facility managers


We help HVAC installation companies, engineering firms, and facility managers utilise measuring solutions, connectivity, and dashboards to monitor and remotely control buildings.

The HVAC and building management companies we help previously worked with a traditional passive building management system.
They told us that their main frustration was that they could not check the current status of their systems. They were only aware of the status of their installations after logging into a computer on site or when a customer called to report a problem.
Logging into such systems was a real nightmare. Only trained technicians could correctly interpret the data. Managers, maintenance technicians, or other stakeholders were not able to use a specific dashboard to gain insight into the data.
A constant frustration was the reduced efficiency in maintenance and the engaging of maintenance technicians. And that hurt your credibility when you tried to approach customers with new proactive services or business models.
Is this a familiar bleak situation?

IoT Energy Management System

Increase the efficiency of your installations and schedule timely maintenance. Ideally suited for modular and circular buildings.

IoT energy management system - Smart algorithms

Smart algorithms
Artificial intelligence

A traditional building management system monitors and controls the building based on parameters, such as temperature, CO2, and humidity. You can do this with Calculus. And, you can even control the building based on the predicted behaviour of residents and visitors. Smart algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) will then manage the HVAC.

IoT energy management system - HVAC systems

HVAC systems and installations

With Calculus, you monitor all your technologies and installations on one central dashboard. This allows you to control all systems and switch them on and off independently of each other. This is how you save up to 15% on consumption and extend the service life of your installations by up to 20%.

IoT energy management system - HVAC management

HVAC management
QR codes and mobile app

Give visitors and residents the option of making limited adjustments to the temperature using QR codes or our APP. This means there is need for you to install conventional thermostats to control the temperature. This saves up to 2 km of cabling per building.

IoT energy management system - behaviour data management

Management based on behavioural data
Indoor climate

The behavioural data of residents and visitors is collected anonymously. All sensor data is collected using a local private LoRa network. This data is an input source for the smart algorithms.

IoT energy management system - weather forecast management

Management based on weather forecasts
Ambient climate

You can obtain a picture of the ambient climate using sensors from a variety of sources, including your own weather station, publicly accessible sources, such as weather forecasts and open weather data, etc. This data is also input for the AI model and allows you to anticipate potential adjustments to your indoor climate.


Beneens, construction and interior

EA fixed price for the construction of a building is what is normal in the market today. A fixed price for the building, maintenance and energy is currently a game changer in real estate.

- Joeri Beneens -

IoT energy management Beneens case

Water and power supply
Optimise utilities and detect leaks.

IoT water consumption monitoring

Water consumption, recycling, and collecting rainwater

Monitoring water consumption makes it possible to quickly detect leaks and blockages. You can reduce water consumption by maximising grey water recovery and collecting rainwater in buffer tanks. You can also monitor how full these tanks are.

IoT solar panels, battery systems, charge point monitoring

Solar panels, battery systems, and charge points

Monitor solar panels, battery systems, charge points, and any other technology you wish to use. This is how you handle the peaks and dips in battery system usage in a timely manner and when to recharge systems.

Maintenance technicians
Directed and managed with the Calculus platform

IoT vehicle tracking system

Deploy service and maintenance technicians
Vehicle tracking systems

Technical systems have a maintenance passport in the Calculus dashboard. Maintenance is data-driven and translated into reports, tickets, and workflow items that are sent directly to maintenance technicians.

Smart vehicle tracking systems alert you to the need for interventions. In case of emergency, you can engage the technician nearest to the vehicle.

Digital Signage and HMI Screens
Visualisation and communication during events and in the workplace

IoT digital signage and HMI screens

Digital Signage and HMI Screens

You can use Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens, touch screens, or your website to share particular information with residents and visitors. So they are informed that their health and safety have priority in your building.

Link with existing building management systems
Keep what you know and build on it

IoT building management API

Existing building management systems and other sources of data..
API (Application Programming Interface)

You have a lot of buildings equipped with different systems. Become proactive by linking your existing building management systems to Calculus and other sources of data, such as information about your access control or car park. All of your existing buildings become transparent at a glance. You can also use Calculus to expand your solutions where your customers need them.

Other installations?
Directed and managed by the Calculus platform

Do you have an emergency power generator or other devices needed for temporary or permanent use? If so, take a look at our page on mobile installations.

Calculus emergency power generator

Calculus field tool