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Sint-Pietersschool in Mechelen monitors air quality

"The safety of our pupils takes precedence. With smart measures and strong digitalisation, we reduce every risk to a minimum," says Dirk Letens, headmaster of Sint-Pieters primary school in Nekkerspoel.

"Digitalisation is a logical step for us as a school. It allows us to collect data that would otherwise not be available. Calculus helps us to make this possible."

Corona helps us make faster steps in this. Today we monitor all classrooms for CO2, humidity and temperature. These are, after all, important parameters for preventing the spread of Covid 19.

A discrete notification allows us to intervene before the values become too high. This enables us to intervene in time, without unnecessarily worrying the pupils or parents.

"The outdoor climate does not leave us unmoved either," says Letens. knows Letens. "We want to have a clear picture of the air quality. After all, a safe school environment is just as important. Here too, the first step is to collect data. A good analysis of that data will enable us to take measures."

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