Not that we are calling ourselves geniuses. But what our online Calculus platform does for you is precisely that. It takes over the complex processing of all kinds of data and gives you simple, clear graphs instead. So you can spend your time on the things that really matter.

Data Storage


Data Analysis

The Impulse Gateway
gateway /ˈɡeɪtweɪ/


  1. software or hardware that connects two disparate computer networks, as to enable the passage of information between a home or business network and the Internet.

  2. software that facilitates digital communication of text messages over cellular telephone network

​We like to keep things simple at Calculus. That's why we also developed our own gateway: the Calculus Impulse. By keeping both the development of the platform and that of the gateway in-house, we guarantee you a single point of contact in all your communications. In this way, we strive for complete relief.

There are so many different gateways on the market. So why build one yourself? The answer is simple. Most gateways work with a limited number of protocols, have a disappointing lifespan or are tied to a single network. We wanted more. And that's what we created, with our Impulse gateway.



We connect the measuring equipment in your devices and systems through our universal gateway. Because Calculus communicates with all protocols, it is possible to connect a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers via one Impulse gateway, in a single online platform.

Does your installation not have measuring equipment? Then we can also help you with suitable measuring solutions.

Are you looking for more than what our Impulse already offers?
We have several expansion cards available!

Third Party Devices

With the Impulse, we brought our own versatile stud to the market, but that does not mean we're imposing our gateway on you. You may already have enough equipment in-house, or our gateway could be completely unnecessary in your digitization project. In such cases, we will always assist you with honest advice and integration of other measuring equipment. We developed our platform so that any device, with whatever protocol, can be connected. 

Do you work with another device, or do you have any recommendations?

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