It is undoubtably your top priority to keep tenants satisfied. But sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all issues and following them up with the necessary actions.


By monitoring all parameters of your entire building in one universal platform, our platform allows you to remain in control. With its  automatic notifications and actions, you are able to optimize your workforce as never before.


Optimize your

  • Digital plans & documentation

  • Automated service dispatching

  • Water leak

  • Water supply

  • Lighting control

  • Fire detection

  • HVAC

  • Floor occupation

  • 360 photos

  • Energy supply

Collect data from all types of sensors or devices present in the residential community - ranging from temperature sensors to HVAC installations, fire detectors, gas meters, water meters, solar panel installations... -.

Combine these with digitized site plans and sharable documentation and get a clear all-round view of your entire site. Our Calculus Platform helps you save on operational costs and plan maintenance efficiently. 



Alarms & notifications


Detailed alarms such as water leaks and power cuts, immediately addressed to the right people (facility manager, technicians, emergency services...) for rapid intervention.


Automatic control of the site installation(s) such as HVAC, lighting, opening and closing of doors... ensure that you can save a lot of time and personnel costs.


Digitize and centralize site plans and documentation such as 360° photos, certificates, rental contracts and couple them to electricity and water usages. The possibilities are endless!

Prevent and 
predict issues

Identify irregularities before your employees notice and plan targeted maintenance based on the intensity of use.


Personalize your dashboards the way you want them. Get overviews per facility, floor or room. Manage personnel with automated job tickets and share selected information with renters, suppliers or partners.

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