Smart Factory 

Monitor your entire production line, from water balances to power consumptions, generator performance and production line.


IoT technologies and AI will empower you to monitor everything in one user-friendly live platform with customized dashboards. Automated machine learning algorithms will predict machine failures for a better operational efficiency.

In a field where time is measurable and lliteral money, down- and behind time are major issues. With the Calculus platform you can monitor all KPIs of your factory to predict and prevent any outage or other issues.

When an issue is detected, the system autoassigns maintenance tickets to a technician. This keeps your entire operation running smoothly.

Easily benchmark different production lines or facilities and gain new insights such as supply chain bottlenecks.

Optimize your


Reduce losses
Maximize productivity
Targeted maintenance
Minimize behind- & downtime
Prevent and predict issues


Alarms & notifications


Detailed alarms such as outages, immediately addressed to the right people (managers, technicians, emergency services...) for rapid intervention.

Wireless operation

Automatic control of the site installation(s) such as switches, lighting, emergency brakes.. ensure that you can save a lot of time and personnel costs.


Digitize and centralize site plans and documentation such as 360° photos, certificates, and couple them to real-time monitoring.

Preventive maintenance

Identify irregularities before your employees notice and plan targeted maintenance to stay ahead of problems.


Personalize your dashboards the way you want them. Get overviews per facility, floor or room. Manage personnel with automated job tickets and share selected information with suppliers or partners.


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