Perfect ventilation:

your protection against Corona

For managers of schools, offices, cinemas, museums, etc. control of the indoor climate by ventilation is an important weapon in the fight against Corona. However, the indoor climate is subject to numerous variables, which makes control particularly challenging.


We offer you full control

Our system measures the CO2 content, humidity and temperature in every room. We collect data and make it transparent via our dashboard and/or app. In this way, you can see the real situation at a glance, in every room, at any time. Wherever you are.


As soon as you need to ventilate, you will receive a notification via our app. If you want, you can also receive a text message or, we can even call you awake. Do you already have a ventilation system and, would you like to know if it works properly? If so, we can make that clear for you as well.


Optimize your

  • Lighting control

  • Fire detection

  • Air quality

  • HVAC

  • Floor occupation

  • Room occupation

  • 360 photos

  • Energy supply

  • Digital plans & documentation

  • Automated service dispatching

  • Water leak

  • Water supply

Control in practice

Our platform tells all those responsible where to intervene. You decide who receives this message. This can be yourself, maintenance technicians, colleagues or anyone else. We offer you maximum control 24/7: a reassuring thought.


Management, colleagues, visitors, authorities, parents of children: you can make our data transparent to whomever you want. So, you can show all stakeholders that everything is going well and that you are doing everything in your power to keep it that way.

Implementation and costs

We'll get your location on track in one day. We set the necessary parameters in each room, make all the data available in realtime and you receive the required notifications immediately.


Our goal is to make our system accessible to everyone. You can buy or rent our system. Call +32 89 69 69 84 for more information or request a quote here. We will respond within 24 hours.



Alarms & notifications


Detailed alarms such as water leaks and power cuts, immediately addressed to the right people (facility manager, technicians, emergency services...) for rapid intervention.


Automatic control of the site installation(s) such as HVAC, lighting, opening and closing of doors... ensure that you can save a lot of time and personnel costs


Digitize and centralize site plans and documentation such as 360° photos, certificates, rental contracts and couple them to electricity and water usages. The possibilities are endless!

Prevent and 
predict issues

Identify irregularities before your employees notice and plan targeted maintenance based on occupancy or intensity of use.


Personalize your dashboards the way you want them. Get overviews per facility, floor or room. Manage personnel with automated job tickets and share selected information with renters, suppliers or partners.

Want to know all the details?

For technical support, or questions about your software.

For information about payments and administrative support.

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