Smart Energy 

Water shortages, rising energy prices, rising taxes; these challenges are becoming more and more common. Ecological and economic use of energy, how do you get started?

The Calculus IoT Platform takes you one step closer.

The Calculus Smart Energy monitoring platform enables companies to optimize their entire energy management. The service-oriented IoT solution offers energy efficiency benefits to increase savings and reduce operational costs.

Through a variety of meters and sensors that collect real-time data, the built-in analysis tool and AI, detailed reports and insights on energy savings can be generated.

Optimize your


Lower costs
Targeted maintenance
Remote actions
Prevent and predict issues


Alarms & notifications


Detailed alarms such as outages, overconsumption, .. immediately addressed to the right person for rapid intervention.

Energy & cost efficiency

Save on energy costs, not by losing out on usage, but by analysing and identifying waste and how to prevent this.


Real-time monitoring of your entire water- or electricity network. An amazing tool for benchmarking and gaining invaluable insights.

Prevent and predict issues

Identify irregularities before they become problems and plan targeted maintenance to stay ahead.


Personalize your dashboards the way you want them. Manage personnel with automated job tickets and easily share selected information with suppliers, clients or partners.

For technical support, or questions about your software.

For information about payments and administrative support.

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