The platform

Leverage your data to reach your full potential


Our universal cloud platform brings the data of all your devices together to create an insightful and clear story. We activate your data and let you communicate with your infrastructure through fully customizable visualizations, remote actions and reports.  

Connect anything

Connecting digital sensors to your equipment allows you to always be aware of what is happening in your company. The sensors measure consumption, temperatures, geo-location, air pressure, input & output, you name it. The possibilities are endless.


With our communication gateway and the secure Calculus portal, we build a bridge between you and your installation, regardless of manufacturer. By digitizing the sensor data and sending it directly to the cloud, the platform connects different data, gaining you new and important insights.


Custom monitoring dashboards

By a collection of clear visualizations like graphs, tables, real-time tracking etc, you can monitor all your processes in real time, detect faults and receive automatic notifications and reports of irregularities.


Create your own personal projects and dashboards in our secure cloud environment. Monitor all your KPI's the way it makes sense to you. Easily share your dashboards, digital floorplans or insights with employees, customers or vendors. 

Action Management


1. Remote control

Control your assets remotely, from anywhere in the world. Our in-house developed communication gateway allows you to remotely switch machinery on or off, alter settings and communicate with any on-board computer.


2. Automatic actions

Set rules for receiving notifications and alarms. Even couple certain triggers to automatically generate jobs and service tickets for the right person. 


Workflow optimization


We know expert technical personnel is scarce. That's why a big focus of our platform is our automated service dispatching. By coupling data to service tickets -directed at the right partner our technician-, you can stay one step ahead of technical or maintenance issues.  


Deploy your technical personnel optimally by eliminating guesses and manual control rounds. Get alerted when an issue occurs and a detailed work order is sent to the right technician. The Calculus platform improves and facilitates the execution of your Service Level Agreements immensely.  


Analytics & predictive maintenance


  • Take smarter actions and improve your day-to-day operations with detailed analyses

  • Benchmark between different branches, sites or in time

  • Improve on sustainable usage of resources 

  • Link different parameters to enjoy the benefits of preventive maintenance and AI


Scalable to your needs

Nowadays, almost everything is already smart. But every item works with an individual app or platform, making total overview more complicated than it has to be. Calculus is an all-in-one platform that gives you the peace of mind you've been looking for.


Whether you simply want to monitor one aspect of your business, or you want an intricate overview of different types of metrics, all you need is the Calculus platform. Even invite clients, partners or vendors to integrate their data with yours, or export your data through easily sharable dashboards or export.


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