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Smart Assets
Optimize your workflow and create technical manpower with the innovative IoT solution Calculus offers to track and control everything involving your valuable assets.
Smart Living
Keeping tenants satisfied is the primary interest of any property developer or trustee. Providing excellent service is therefore a priority.
Smart Office
As facility manager, subjective complaints about the indoor environment are hard to measure to reality. With our Calculus Smart Office solutions, we make every parameter visible and above all, easily managable.
Smart Constructions
The benefits of digitizing your construction site are endless. Calculus’ platform enables you to keep constant control over sound, dust particles, location of assets… You name it. On top of that we ensure invaluable insights, that allow you to optimize both logistics as your site progress.
Smart Energy
Water shortages, rising energy prices, rising taxes; these challenges are becoming more and more common. Ecological and economic use of energy, how do you get started? The IoT Platform from Calculus takes you one step closer.
Smart Industry
In a field where time is measurable and lliteral money, down- and behind time are major issues. With the Calculus platform you can monitor all KPIs of your factory to predict and prevent any outage or other issues.
Smart Agriculture
Businesses dealing with crops are sensitive to a variety of circumstances. The monitoring and service dispatching capabilities brought by the Calculus IoT platform are key in the future of agriculture.
Smart Events
Events is the smart data platform that digitizes complete event sites. InSite.Events helps you with the sustainable and efficient deployment of your assets, facilities, logistics and climate management. Discover our state of the art solution for events!

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