Frequently Asked Questions

What is asset tracking and management?

Combining asset tracking software and GPS trackers you will be able to track all kind of assets. Asset monitoring is the capability of giving your assets a voice via the asset tracking software.

What is the best way to track assets?

The answer depends on the type of asset you would like to track. In general, the best way to locate the asset is via GPS, the Global Positioning System. That location, and often also other data is send to a platform. Sending this data can be done via 4G, NB-IoT, 2g, Sigfox and LoRa. In general, 4G is the most accurate.

What is asset tracking software?

This is a special developed software for tracking all kind of assets. With Calculus you will be using a state of the art platform.

How does asset tracking work?

You can use a gps tracker on all your assets. This can vary from a gps tracker for equipment to a gps tracker for a car or motorcycle. This gps tracker will send the collected data to the asset tracking software.

What is smart building concept?

The concept of a smart building is to make the data you collect from a building act. This enables you to remotely control your building, manage maintenance and maintain control over consumption and the indoor and outdoor climate of your building.

How do smart buildings work?

Your building will be equipped with numerous sensors. These sensors are connected to a Calculus Gateway. The gateway collects the data, processes it and sends it on to the Calculus platform. This works in two directions. So you can remotely control your building.

What are smart building characteristics?

A smart building from Calculus integrates seamlessly with your building management system. The data from this system is enriched with data from various sensors. Think of utilities, the indoor climate and the outdoor climate. With Calculus you let the collected data take action in your building.

How do you monitor fixed assets?

The monitoring of fixed installations can be done in various ways. These range from remote reading of basic parameters such as operating hours to complete monitoring and control of the PLC.

What is asset tracking used for?

Asset tracking is used to maintain control over fixed installations. To monitor the functioning of these installations, but also to direct maintenance teams in a timely and efficient manner.

How does asset tracking work?

Asset tracking consists of a hardware part and a software part. The hardware is built into the fixed or mobile installation and transmits the data to the platform. Depending on the chosen solution, the installation can only be monitored or also controlled.

What is asset surveillance?

Asset surveillance is the remote monitoring and control of fixed or mobile installations. The aim is not only to collect data but also to gain insight into the operation of the installation. This way, you retain total control and manage your maintenance teams efficiently.

How does tank telemetry work?

Tank telemetry is a system that gives you remote access to the amount of liquid in the water or fuel tank. This system consists of a hardware module that monitors the content of the tank and sends the data to the Calculus platform. This makes remote control, management and refilling of the tank possible.

What do tank monitors do?

Tank monitoring gives you a notification when a water or fuel tank has reached a certain critical value. Based on this data, you know how long you can continue before running out of water or fuel. Tank refilling can also be monitored and controlled remotely.

What is tank monitoring system?

Remote monitoring of water and fuel tanks gives you a real-time insight into the volume that is still present in your tank. A sensor in the tank is connected to a gateway mounted on the outside of the tank. The collected data is displayed in the Calculus platform from where you can share data with customers or control a refill.