Digital transformation still sounds like a risky development for some entrepreneurs. But it hasn't been for a long time. Digital transformation is driven by ease of use, comfort, eliminating human error and reducing manual effort. Most companies clearly see the benefits of eliminating labour-intensive processes and human error.


Give your company the opportunity to surf the innovative wave of the Internet of Things. Discover the latest possibilities in terms of asset performance management, track and trace, site management, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance. Calculus combines, integrates and optimises them. Always well-considered and where possible with the technology you already have in-house. All tailored to your company.

Network Analytics

Exposing the treasure inside your cables and pipes

Get to know and understand your network in detail through data-driven monitoring and analysis. Network analysis enables you to make smarter decisions. Not only on a technical level, but also to gain business and operational benefits from efficiency and productivity optimisation. Our online platform acts as a full Network Operations Center (NOC), allowing you to easily maintain control of your entire network.

Waternetwork 4.0

Smarter in the flow

Monitor and analyze your water network remotely, in real time.

  • Leakage detection

  • Pressure & level measurements

  • Flow monitoring

  • Pump monitoring

  • Composition of water

Smart Energy Solutions

When power is crucial

We know that many business processes are depend highly on a reliable energy network. To protect you from power outages, overconsumption and high bills, we have developed various solutions to manage your energy smarter and more efficiently.

Our systems ensure the safety and peace of mind of your facility managers, operators and technical staff. And you can always be certain of an electrical network without waste, outages or tariff increases due to reactive energy.

Asset Management

Protecting you where it counts

Your assets have required high investments and their maintenance is not without high costs. However, maintenance is a necessary evil to keep your valuable systems up and running. Both planned and corrective maintenance have major drawbacks, especially on a financial level. Through data-driven monitoring and analysis, we nuance which data is really important in order to have an overview of the functioning of your equipment. In this way, we make targeted and predictive maintenance the norm.


Smart Cities

Smart city, happy city

Installing a number of sensors doesn't make a city 'smart'. The correct interweaving of IT with tangible infrastructure does. Sensors or cameras detect, Calculus analyses and discovers patterns and the policy can be adjusted accordingly. We address specific problems and thus aim for a total solution in the long term. Give your city the opportunity to create a digital ecosystem in order to overcome new challenges.

  • Track-and-trace for government vehicles

  • Geofencing for valuable devices

  • Intelligent parking systems

  • Smart sensors for waste collection


Intelligent Buildings

Your digital estate

Whether it's your own building management or monitoring as-a-service for your customers, Calculus offers low-cost solutions for any construction. Monitor certain aspects of the facility, or get a complete overview of energy, water, climate and surveillance. All in one convenient platform.

  • Real-time analysis and insights

  • Benchmarking against other facilities

  • Automatic alerts and reporting

  • Multi-user management with user rights

  • Long-term contracts as-a-service possible

Site Management

Monitoring all aspects of your location

Smart Construction

Building the future in the cloud

In temporary installations such as construction sites, it is often difficult to keep a complete overview. Not only can a lack of overview lead to loss of time and higher expenses, but it also creates risks for the safety of your employees. With Calculus you have access to your digitized construction site anytime, anywhere. You immediately detect performance problems, optimise your consumption and keep an overview of the location of your machines and vehicles.

  • Geofencing for valuable material

  • Automatic switching of generators

  • Constant monitoring of consumption and locations

  • Asset tracking and automatic inventory


Intelligent Events

Let us take -a little- stress away

The days of endless walkie traffic and manual tours are over. Keeping control of your event can be much simpler, more effective and above all: safer. By digitizing the site and the assets, you get a complete overview of the event site. The intelligent data platform with its visual dashboards can be used directly as a control centre for the entire site and all its constructions.

  • Monitor water, electricity, weather conditions, etc. all in one dashboard

  • Core for increasing efficiency during the build-up phase

  • Service tool during show days

  • Blueprint for evaluations


Holiday Parks 4.0

Your smart city to scale

The site management of a holiday park is a never-ending story. Close a water leak in one house, and you are already getting a phone call about a power failure elsewhere. With our cloud platform, you can enjoy a complete overview of all the facilities on your site. At a glance you can see the performance of all devices, the condition of the water pipes and other aspects such as temperatures. This enables you to predict where maintenance will be needed in good time.

  • Warning in case of problems

  • Real-time overview and analyses for benchmarking

  • Discover irregularities and avoid energy wastage

  • Increase your service level

  • Respond proactively to irregularities

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